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About Us

Here at Coldwell Banker West Foundation, we are driven by a single goal: to make a real difference in the communities we serve. From little league baseball teams, to local schools, Scout programs, pet rescues, elder support and more... we don't just sell in our communities, we serve and play in them.

Coldwell Banker West Foundation started by supporting the community and other Non-Profit organizations, since the foundation grew, it was able to expand its field of action, developing its own projects to meet its objectives.

We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.



The Coldwell Banker West Foundation was established to aid local charitable and community organizations, and to assist in their individual success with funds from the CBW Foundation. The Foundation's assets are acquired from donations made by company (or related) realtor, lender, escrow, and other associates to enhance our community through these contributions. In order to provide the broadest span of support to the entities we assist have developed the following guidelines for the distribution of the Foundation's resources. Please feel free to make a request for any desired amount, but the following guidelines have been designed for your consideration unless there are extenuating circumstances that might warrant a different level of support. All distributions must be approved in advance by the Foundation Board and designate CBW Foundation as the contributor. 

Charity Distribution

Individual School and Local Sports Groups 

School and Local Performance Groups


Local Fundraising Groups 
Ex: Museums; Military; Golf Tournament; Faith Based


Local - National Fundraisers 
Ex: YMCA; Susan B. Koman; Nine Girls Ask


Large-Scale Specific Projects 
Ex: Habitat for Humanity; or any single project


Bonus - Extra funds for specific CBW Foundation recognition 

$250 - $500


$250 - $500


$250 - $500



$250 - $1,000


$250 - TBD


$100 - TBD 

National Association of Latino Peace Off
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